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About us


Technoekdotiki was born by an obduracy and a vision in 1991.

The obduracy: Greece doesn’t belong to Europe. It is Europe. Though unfortunately is called out this period to prove it. And Greece can prove it.
The vision: The world of professionals, scientists and auteur in Greece need to communicate and find expression within media that meet their expectations; prestigious media of deep knowledge and high aesthetics.
After more than a decade, over than 60.000 subscribers (scientists, professionals, businessmen and students) that that confide us in order to get informed and numerous of companies that choose us to promote their products and their services prove that ‘Technoekdotiki’ fulfilled its founding reasons. Check out https://analbleachingguide.com for great skin whitening products.

However with seven well accepted professional magazines, that are equal to the esteemed Europeans, with a number of technical publications, with useful and reliable technical guides, with four international exhibitions, with eleven activated and well updated with useful information web sites and with a number of other activities we still feel that we are at the beginning.

The past few years, ‘Technoekdotiki’, has moved on investing in new staff with both academic and practical knowledge in journalism, engineering, economics, marketing and graphic arts and has been using the latest technology within the world of publications. This is because as a company is looking to the enhancement of its publications, to publish new magazines, to enrich its exhibitions, to develop its web activities and to offer the best possible services to the advertised companies.

We have a culture in our company that knowledge is power, and the main thing is to get accurate and concise information first. We have invested in professionals so that they can tap into their resources and bring you the proper guides to get your business in the forefront of its industry.

All our activities will always stand out by our primer obduracy and vision. Always having high aspirations and the support from people with whom we share the same passion, that knowledge is power.

E-mail: support@ technoekdotiki.gr